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Poul Henningsen fills 120 Years of lamps and sustainable design. This celebrate Louis Poulsen, a Danish lamp business , with the release of this limited edition lamp PH 3 ½ -3 copper Pendant. It is an evolution of one of his classics, the first on the market in 1929.

They have used the characteristic monitor profile that became world known as System PH. Further development of the untreated copper at the top and the bottom two screens are made of blown glass . Generally speaking, the pendant filled with PH ‘s functional and thoughtful details that make it beautiful and interesting.

As they write in their press release :

PH ‘s birthday has been for us a perfect opportunity to find your way back to where it all started for one of the world ‘s most renowned lighting designers. It has been fascinating to delve into the treasure chest and see how a lamp from the late 1920s produces the most beautiful light – even with modern LED light sources. Words such as classics and timeless get a somewhat different tone when faced with a design from the beginning of the last century and see how brilliant and beautiful it is conceived and executed.” says Knudsen .

But remember that it will only sell for a limited period : March 1 to 31 May After appearing in the autumn of 2014 as PH 3 ½ -3, but in a version with painted top screens.



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