Today, I have added things to my never ending wish-list for my little home and I. I always want to change things, and I can easily get inspired by what I see. Recently I have tied to be a bit realistic, what will make a difference, and which things have a actual chance to remain standing. To be honest, I can’t get that far for my money, though I dream about having the beautiful new PH lamp.  However, there are a few things, that is beginning  to develop into future purchase. Here are some of my cravings, that i wish for.

If only I were a millionaire ……………….

- And yes I know the bag doesn’t have anything to do with interior design. But I’m also a firm believer of self-indulgence..


Source: picture: Hulmut newton - Poster: RK design –  Plates: Elements, Royal Copenhagen - Bag: Decadent - Lamp: Poul Henningsen - Book: Tom Ford - Mortar and pestle: Emilie Henry


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