Kitchen Tiles Inspiration


  Soon it’s time to put my parents’ kitchen in order and I’ve done some thoughts on how it may end up looking. We have had a long debate on, whether we should just paint the tiles or add new ones. Therefore I had to get a little inspiration and here are some of those […]

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Magic Carpets


  Carpets / rugs can be both a great thing and a nightmare. Hairy ones can create a nice cosy feeling, while a rough one can give an edge to the expression. It is also a easy way to create color to a room. I like the way different rugs are put together, to give […]

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A Bright Idea – PH 120 years


Poul Henningsen fills 120 Years of lamps and sustainable design. This celebrate Louis Poulsen, a Danish lamp business , with the release of this limited edition lamp PH 3 ½ -3 copper Pendant. It is an evolution of one of his classics, the first on the market in 1929. They have used the characteristic monitor […]

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Outdoor Furniture


The sun is shining and soon it’s time to get out in the garden, and enjoy the good weather. So, here is a small post, about one of the things I saw at the fair a week ago. I felt in love with these outdoor kitchens and planters from OUTSIDEdesign. Compared to many others, then they work […]

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Colorfull walls


         I have a boring white wall in my living room and have for a long time wanted to do something about it. Today i were inspired by the colorful walls from Sarah Ellison. They are simple yet colorful! But is you are not fan of coloring a whole wall, then there is also […]

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Innovative Homes – Shipping Containers


… Usually when I thinks of the word “house”, then I’ll think of more traditional houses built of brick, concrete, or even wood. Some people think more outside of the box. Here are 2 living spaces made from recycled shipping containers. You may have read before, that I’m a big fan of using materials and products […]

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